IT Service Management

ISO/IEC 20000

Today almost all businesses rely on IT for the provision of products and/or services to their customers.

To gain or maintain competitive advantage these businesses must be able to demonstrate and guarantee the delivery and availability of high quality, cost-effective and reliable services that maintain the high possible levels of customer satisfaction.

Therefore, no matter whether they are internal or external IT service providers it is imperative that they adopt structured, proactive working practices.

This increasing dependency on support services and the diverse range and growing complexity of technologies used in the delivery of all facets of business results in these same IT service providers being asked for improved quality, lower costs, greater flexibility, and faster response to customers.

ISO/IEC 20000 is the first international standard for Information Technology - Service Management (ITSM) that defines and promotes the adoption of an inter-related and integrated process approach for the effective delivery of managed IT services to meet the business and customer requirements.

Therefore, in terms of your employment opportunities and career advancement it is vital that you stand out from the crowd and can demonstrate that you possess the required knowledge and skills that will enable them to effectively contribute to the adoption and implementation of ISO/IEC 20000 within their organisation.

Certification against this standard will enable you to demonstrate that you have this keenly sort after knowledge and skills that increase you personal and professional value.

ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation

ISO/IEC20000 Implementation Leader