Exam Ordering and Distribution

This service offering enables Authorised Training Organisations (ATO) to order examinations through our online ordering and management systems and choose whether they require web-based or paper-based examinations.

Our order fulfilment and customer-focused service delivery capabilities enables the controlled distribution of exams through either our secure web-based testing system or as paper-based exams.

In the case of paper based and on-line exams the results and (if applicable) certificates can be provided within the established service level agreement.

Service Inclusions:

  • Secure, user friendly online ordering system.
  • Efficient, secure distribution of paper-based exams.
  • Traceable online tracking of the delivery and return of paper-based exams.
  • Packaging and delivery of examinations for marking.


  • A secure, centralised order management and distribution of examinations.
  • Proactive tracking and return of paper-based exams.
  • An economical solution given the reduction in operating costs due to the reduction of internal resources required.
  • Enhanced competitiveness through a scalable, reliable distribution service of exams.