Exam Marking and Results Distribution

This service provides you with a single and secure point of delivery for your completed examinations for marking by GCI or your organisation.

No matter whether the marking of exams is completed by GCI we can effectively manage the distribution of exam results at the completion of the marking process.

Service Inclusions:

  • Scanning of paper- based answer sheets for multiple choice exams and uploading of answers to our online testing system for the automated marking of exams.
  • Dedicated GCI markers can be provided with marking guidelines to facilitate the marking of essay style questions.
  • Immediate provision of results to candidates upon completion of multiple choice exams.
  • Reports and statistical information will be provided on pass rates, exam versions and specific questions for review by the controlling organisation.
  • Management of the secure question bank on behalf of the controlling body or organisation.
  • Secure access by authorised users from the controlling body/organisation to the online question bank/database for the input, update or retirement of questions.
  • Expedient generation of new exam versions.
  • Electronic and paper-based certificate creation and distribution.


  • Prompt, accurate marking of exams and distribution of results and certificates to the controlling body.
  • Reports and statistical information that enable the controlling organisation to analyse and continually improve the quality of exams and exam questions.
  • Interdependent testing and certification which will provide further endorsement, credibility, quality assurance and brand strength in your market.
  • Provision of result reports to your organisations at an exam session or candidate level, giving you greater flexibility in the monitoring and measurement of the results.