Assist KD

Formed in 1986, AssistKD is a leading professional development organisation specialising in business analysis, solution design and business change.

AssistKD have being involved in defining, developing and writing exams, syllabuses and training material for certifications, as well as delivering courses tailored to the business needs and approaches for their customers.

In terms of their credentials in the Business Analysis market place, AssistKD is acknowledged as significant thought leader in this area.

AssistKD staff and directors are the editors and co-authors of the best-selling book ‘Business Analysis’, and the authors of ‘Business Analysis Techniques’, ‘The Human Touch’ and ‘Developing Information Systems’.

They were the creators of The Business Analysis Maturity Model (BAMM).

AssistKD is a founding sponsor of the European Business Analysis Conference, sponsor of the Business Analyst of the Year Award, and publisher of the BA Newsletter, Analysts Anonymous. More recently, we have worked with the BA Managers Forum (BAMF) to create the Expert BA Award.

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GMCL &Associates and Sales Assess

GMCL & Associates and Sales Assess

GMCL & Associates and Sales Assess specialises in the professional development of people in consulting, sales-related roles, customer service and management. We aim to enhance the knowledge, understanding, skills, motivation, and self-management of sales professionals in Australia and elsewhere by providing advice, guidance, and tools.

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InfoSec Skills

InfoSec Skills is a training and education company, comprising an expert team of security professionals from across the industry. Their mantra of, “quality courses at affordable prices, tailored to individual needs” shapes everything they deliver, with customers ranging from those just entering the information security industry to those wishing to advance their career to the next level.

InfoSec Skills have a full range of security management, security architecture, risk management, business continuity management and awareness courses and have been crafting customised courses for global enterprise customers since 2010.

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Since 2000, PEOPLECERT has built a wide experience in managing global certification schemes and partnering with leading organisations that operate on a global scale. Having delivered more than 3,500,000 exams across 110 countries, PEOPLECERT is today one of the leading players in the global certification industry.