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Two new information security certifications have been recently launched in Australia and are now ready for immediate booking:

Foundation Certificate in Information Security (FCIS)
The FCIS course introduces the concept of and disciplines within Information Assurance and how this can contribute to and form part of the overall business strategy for an organisation. It provides the opportunity for those exploring or moving into information security roles to enhance or refresh their knowledge and, in the process, gain a recognised industry qualification, regulated by the Global Certification Institute (GCI). This is useful to both the individual and employer in terms of attesting to the level of professional ability an individual has attained.
Solution Architecture Security Practitioner (SASP)
It is rare for today's IT systems to have no security facilities within them. Many organisations, or projects, cannot afford to have an assigned security architect. Yet many solutions or technical architects do not have a good understanding of Information Assurance (IA). This means that many systems are being designed and built that do not mitigate the current and emerging threats from the interconnected IT world. The Solution Architecture Security Practitioner (SASP) examination is designed to test the knowledge of Technical, Solution or Enterprise Architects wishing to demonstrate they have the knowledge to design secure systems and gain the knowledge of how to architect into a system a wide range of security controls. GCI recommends students take an accredited SASP course prior to challenging this exam.